Eye Care Treatments

Eye Care Treatments

The easiest way to look polished is to groom your eyebrows correctly. It’s like giving your face a mini face-lift. They open the eye, instantly countering the droopiness that tends to come with aging.

Some people have too much brow and others too little. Even for those who lack hair in this brow region, there are things you can do to give the illusion of a prominent brow. View our Eye Care Tips

Price List:  
Lash tint €9
Brow tint €9
Brow shape €9
Package of all 3 €20

The hair of the eyelashes and eyebrows protects the eyes from moisture and dust, but the lashes and brow also give definition to the eye. Many clients especially those with fair lashes and brows feel that without the use of eye cosmetics their eyes lack this definition.

Most clients will benefit from tinting because the tips and the bases of these hairs are usually lighter than the body of the hairs, causing the hairs to appear shorter than they are. Tinting the length of the eyelash or brow hair makes it appear longer and bolder, yet the effect created looks natural.

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